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With all the sweets and treats that are coming your way this holiday season, it is important to make sure your smile is in good condition, so you may enjoy the upcoming feasts without fear. However, if you suffer from underlying conditions such as bruxism, your teeth may be vulnerable to further damage.

Bruxism occurs when you are unconscious, and generally consists of grinding your teeth as you sleep. Although bruxism has numerous causes, there are signs and symptoms present that can indicate its existence. Although you typically won’t be aware of any symptoms as they are occurring, check your mouth each morning for any signs of damage. This includes flat or worn teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, gum tissue damage to the inner linings of your cheeks, and indentations on your tongue.

If you ever feel a little off when you wake up with a general sense of pain or soreness in your facial area, take note of the symptoms. If you have headaches in your temples, earaches that are not arising in your ear, facial pain in your jaw, face, or ear, issues fully opening or closing your jaw, or tired or sore jaw muscles, bruxism may be occurring at night. For additional care for treating bruxism, visit our office.

For the aid of a dentist in San Jose, California, we can be reached at 408-227-6000. Whichever bruxism treatment services are needed to complete your smile, Dr. Ravi Aulakh and our team here at AZ Dental in our dentist office are committed to providing you the treatments you need.