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One of the most important things you can do for your oral health is to always make sure you have a complete set of teeth. Even if you are missing a single tooth, it is enough to destabilize your mouth and result in your teeth moving out of alignment. In addition, it can become a safe-haven for bacteria build-up and other problems. To help replace a missing tooth, dental bridges can be used.

If you are missing any teeth, it is essential to replace them with a durable prosthetic such as a dental bridge. Dental bridges are extremely effective because they can improve the look of your teeth. In addition, they can restore functions lost due to missing teeth including ailments associated with chewing and eating food as well as speech problems that can arise.

Dental bridges are highly effective for retaining stability in your teeth, should it be lost. Typically, when teeth are missing, it can distort your bite and cause malocclusions to occur. Furthermore, dental bridges are highly effective for space maintenance and can restore your smile.

If you’re missing any teeth, your smile will be susceptible to numerous forms of dental damage. One particular oral health condition that can arise due to missing teeth includes an increased risk of tooth decay due to plaque buildup in areas where missing teeth once were. In addition, missing teeth can lead to gum destabilization and eventual tooth slippage.

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