Your teeth are held in place by strong roots that extend into the jawbone.  The apex, or tip, of the root aid in the delivery of blood and nutrients to the tooth.  If you have received a root canal, and the infection and inflammation in your tooth persists, our dentists may recommend an apicoectomy to remove the root tip and prevent the spread of infection.  Contact AZ Dental today for more information about apicoectomy in San Jose, California, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Anastasios Photopoulos, our skilled oral surgeon.

The infected and inflamed soft tissue around your tooth root can be extremely painful.  Apicoectomies are recommend to eliminate the infection in the tissue and preserve the function of the tooth, saving it from extraction.  An apicoectomy will not be considered unless root canal therapy has failed.

Our dentists may recommend an apicoectomy if:

  • The small, adjoining root branches in the tooth roots cannot be cleaned and sealed when the root canal treatment is performed, leading to persisting inflammation.
  • The root canals are blocked and our dentists are unable to clean them due to fractured files or other debris left behind during a previous treatment.
  • The root canals are narrow or curved. Poorly shaped root canals make it impossible for endodontic files to reach the root tip, leading to continuing or reoccurring infection.

When you receive an apicoectomy, our dentists will prescribe an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medication to treat the underlying infection.  We will use panoramic X-rays to plan your treatment, and provide you with a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Our oral surgeon will make a small incision in the gum to expose the root.  In some cases, we may remove a tiny fraction of your jawbone.  The edge of the root tip and any infected connective tissue will be removed using ultrasonic instruments.  The root will then be sealed with medicated filling materials, and the gum will be sutured.  You will not need to stay overnight following your procedure.

We will provide you with post-operative instructions and medications as needed.  After a few days, the stitches will dissolve or be removed.  Your connective tissues will continue to heal for several months.

To learn more about apicoectomy procedures and make your appointment with our dentists, contact our practice today.