In very rare cases, root canal therapy can fail to work as expected.  When this occurs Dr. Anastasios Photopoulos provides a root canal retreatment to help you regain the health and function of your tooth.  To learn more about root canal retreatment in San Jose, California, and schedule your consultation with our endodontist, call AZ Dental today at 408-227-6000.

If your tooth fails to heal properly or you experience post-surgical complications that jeopardize your tooth, our dentists can perform a root canal retreatment to remove the previous crown and packing material, clean your root canals, and re-pack and re-crown the tooth.  This procedure is almost identical to the original root canal procedure, and has a success rate of about 75%.

Your original root canal may fail due to:

  • A cracked crown leaking the filling material
  • Curved or narrow root canal left untreated during the original procedure
  • A delay in the placement of your restoration
  • New decay
  • New fractures in the treated tooth
  • Saliva entering the restoration
  • Undetected and complex canal structures

Root canal retreatments can be completed in 1-3 visits with our dentists.  If the tooth in question has good bone support, healthy gums, and a solid surface, it stands a good chance of being saved by this treatment.

Our dentists will begin by administering a local anesthetic and isolating the tooth with a rubber dam to protect it from bacteria and saliva during the procedure.  We will remove any restorations (crown, post, etc.), as well as the filling material and other obstructions to the root canal.  We will then clean and reshape the root canals.  Our dentists may take X-rays to ensure that the roots are thoroughly clean.

Once we are confident that your root canals are completely clean, we will use gutta-percha filling material to pack the space.  This rubbery material seals the canal against bacteria invasion.  We will then place a temporary crown or filling while we create a color-matched permanent restoration.

For more information about root canal retreatment, contact our practice today.