Dr. Anastasios Photopoulos provides root canal therapy to remove infected and inflamed portions of your tooth pulp and restore the health and function of the tooth. Many dentists prefer root canal therapy to extraction, as maintaining your original teeth is almost always the healthier option. To schedule your appointment at AZ Dental and learn more about root canals in San Jose, California, please contact our office at 408-227-6000.

Root canal therapy usually takes 1-3 visit to complete, depending on the amount of inflamed tissue in your tooth and the time it takes our dentists to remove it. Prior to your procedure, we will take complete X-rays of your teeth in order to plan your treatment effectively.

We will begin your treatment by administering a local anesthetic. A dental dam (a kind of protective sheet) will be placed to ensure that the surgical area remains free of saliva and other debris during your treatment. Our dentists will create an opening in the surface of the tooth, and the pulp will be completely removed using small, handheld instruments.

Once the pulp is removed, we will shape and clean the inside of the tooth. Gutta-percha filling material will then be packed into the tooth. Gutta-percha is a biocompatible, rubber-like material, and works to seal out further infection. Cement will be applied to ensure that your root canals are completely sealed off, and we will place a temporarily filling or crown to restore the functionality of the tooth until we can complete your permanent restoration.

We will provide you with any necessary post-operative instructions.

For more information about root canal therapy and to make your appointment with our endodontist, please call our practice.