More than 30,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year, with more than 7,000 resulting in the death of the patient.  AZ Dental offers oral cancer screenings in San Jose, California, to help detect and begin treating oral cancer in the earliest stages of development.  We invite you to call us at 408-227-6000 to make your appointment with Drs. Lynna Bui, Andrew McDonald, and Trang Thai and learn more about oral cancer screening and treatments.

Oral cancer is a pathological disease found in the oral cavity and maxillofacial region, including the lips, mouth, tongue, salivary glands, throat, gums, and face.  When diagnosed in the earliest stages, treatment is generally very effective.  About 75% of oral cancers are linked with modifiable behaviors, such as smoking, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption.  Our dentists can provide you with information on making lifestyle changes and smoking cessation.

Signs of oral cancer include:

  • Red, white, or pink patches
  • Slow healing sores
  • Lumps
  • Leukoplakia (hardened white or gray lesions anywhere in the mouth)
  • Persistent soreness in the mouth

If you notice any abnormalities in your mouth, we recommend that you schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening immediately.

Oral cancer screenings are painless.  Our dentists will visually inspect your mouth for abnormalities.  They will then use special lasers to check below the surface for any abnormal tissues.  If abnormalities are detected, we will take a biopsy for analysis.  When the results come back, we will know the exact type and stage of the cancer, and be able to recommend specific treatments.

Oral cancer screenings are generally performed during your biannual checkups.  You should receive a comprehensive screening at least once each year.

For more information about oral cancer and to make your appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today.