One of the periodontal treatments offered at AZ Dental is pocket irrigation.  Dr. Lynna Bui provides pocket irrigation to cleans the plaque from between the teeth and under the gum line and disrupt and prevent the colonization of harmful bacteria.  Contact us at 408-227-6000 to make your appointment with our periodontist and learn more about pocket irrigation in San Jose, California.

Pocket irrigation, also known as oral irrigation, is a versatile treatment use for preventive treatments.  It can be performed in a dental office as part of a professional cleaning or as part of your at-home care routine.

Benefits of pocket irrigation include:

  • Interdental cleaning – pocket irrigators blast plaque, food particles, and other debris from between the teeth and out of the gum pockets to help your gum tissues remain healthy.
  • Halitosis prevention – water jets can flush out food particles and clean above and below the gum line to prevent bad breath.
  • Subgingival cleaning – pocket irrigators can reach below the gum line without damaging the tissue to flush out bacteria, toxins, and particles of debris.
  • Antimicrobial application – antimicrobial substances can be combined with water or used as a stand-alone treatment to help eliminate and prevent some strains of oral bacteria.

Pocket irrigation is typically performed in combination with other treatments, such as dental cleanings or pocket reduction surgery.  When used as part of your home care routine, you should use a water jet or a water pick.  Please remember that this does not replace your biannual professional dental cleanings.

If you have questions about pocket irrigation, please contact our office today.