Drs. Andrew McDonald, and Trang Thai use air abrasion to treat tooth decay and prepare your teeth for restorative procedures.  This micro-dentistry technique is quiet, heatless, and minimally invasive.  Call AZ Dental at 408-227-6000 to learn more about air abrasion in San Jose, California, and schedule your consultation with our dentists.

Air abrasion is similar to sandblasting, in that tiny particles are propelled towards decay to scour them from the teeth.  Our dentists then apply a composite filling to seal the tooth and prevent further damage.  Anesthetic is not usually required for an air abrasion procedure, and our dentists and treat multiple teeth in a single appointment to quickly pinpoint and remove decay while preserving more of your natural tooth structure.

Benefits of air abrasion include:

  • Preservation of your natural tooth structure
  • No need for anesthesia
  • No vibrations, horrible noises, or pressure
  • Quicker, easier procedures
  • Reduced risk of further damage to the teeth (i.e., chipping and fractures)
  • Teeth remain dry, which is helpful for the placement of fillings

Air abrasion is an excellent choice for children, individuals with minimal tooth decay, and patients who are afraid of or anxious about the drill.  This treatment can also be used to remove existing composite fillings, prepare teeth for sealants, and remove surface stains on the teeth.

Our dentists will examine your teeth to determine if air abrasion is an appropriate option for your needs.  We will begin your air abrasion treatment by placing rubber dams and cotton balls to separate the teeth and ensure that surrounding areas are not affected.  Your teeth will then be sprayed with particles, including aluminum oxide and silica, and jets of compressed air will be used to help the particles remove decay from your mouth.  Waste will be removed from your mouth via a suction device.

We will check that all traces of decay are gone using a special red chemical dye.  An acid solution will then by applied to affected areas to roughen the surface.  This will allow us to apply a composite dental filling.  Only composite fillings may be place in conjunction with air abrasion treatments, as the abrasion leaves the teeth too smooth for metal fillings to properly adhere.

If you have questions about air abrasion, and to make your appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today.