Cephalometric X-rays are unique tools, enable our dentists to capture complete images of the side of your face, including the nasal and sinus passages.  To learn more about cephalometric X-rays in San Jose, California, and make your appointment with Drs. Andrew McDonald, Trang Thai, Allan Pang, Lynna Bui, or Anastasios Photopoulos, please contact AZ Dental at 408-227-6000.

Cephalometric X-rays are extraoral, meaning that they are taken from outside your mouth, and nothing is inserted into your mouth.  They are typically taken in combination with panoramic X-rays to provide our dentists with a full view of the side of your face, including many areas that are missed by intraoral bitewing X-rays.

Cephalometric X-rays serve several important purposes:

  • Providing views of the side profile of your face
  • Providing views of the jaw in relation to the cheekbone
  • Providing information about bad bites (malocclusion)
  • Allowing for measurements of the teeth to be taken
  • Identifying fractures and other injuries to the teeth and jawbone
  • Assisting in orthodontic planning

Cephalometric X-rays are usually taken with a panoramic X-ray machine, which is adapted to have a cephalometric film older mounted on a mechanical arm.  These X-rays are completely painless.  Your head will be placed between the mechanical rotating arm and the film holder.  The arm will rotate around your head to capture images of the face, mouth and teeth.  These images will be magnified so that any signs of disease, decay, or injury can be easily seen and treatment can be provided.

These images will also provide our dentists with a complete side profile of your head, which assists in orthodontic planning and allows an immediate evaluation of the impact of braces.  Cephalometric X-rays also allows for specific measurements, which helps in the planning of implant placement.

For more information about cephalometric X-rays, please contact our office today.