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Do you want to upgrade your smile with an enhancement to your teeth? If so, cosmetic dentistry may be right for you. Cosmetic dentistry treatments seek to enhance and improve your smile with restorations, repairs, and replacements to give you a smile you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dental restoration treatment, some highly successful options to consider are dental crowns, dental veneers, and teeth whiteners. Dental crowns and veneers are durable shells designed to fit over the top your teeth to improve their look. Whereas dental crowns fully conceal teeth, dental veneers only conceal the fronts of teeth. In addition, teeth whitening treatments can eradicate deep stains and discolorations to give you a whiter and brighter smile.

If you have any lost or missing teeth, cosmetic treatments can complete your smile once more though the use dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. Dental implants are highly effective for restoring your smile with cosmetic options that can potentially last a lifetime of heavy use. If your jaw bone is not strong enough to support dental veneers, dental bridges are another suitable option. Whereas implants and bridges are permanent options, dentures can be used as a temporary replacement, and can be removed for easy cleaning each night.

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